How Tom Ross at Bay Equity Can Help You

Our preferred lender, Tom Ross, has moved over to Bay Equity! How will this change benefit you?

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I’m here with Tom Ross, our preferred lender, who recently moved over to Bay Equity.

As a result, Tom is able to offer a higher level of service to our clients. Why?

One of the reasons Tom made the move to Bay Equity is to take advantage of new technology in the industry. Bay Equity is based out of Sausalito—you can’t establish a business that close to Silicon Valley without knowing something about technology!

Technology is incredibly important and provides speed and convenience for our customers. After signing up with Bay Equity, Tom has been able to eliminate some redundancies in the loan process. From the origination to DocuSign, all these new bells and whistles mean Tom can operate more efficiently and serve you at a higher level.

Tom guarantees a quick closing process, even for jumbo loans.

If you are getting a loan and want to close in three weeks, Tom can make that happen. He’s always been able to do so, but at Bay Equity, it’s just a bit easier. Tom guarantees a quick closing process; he can even close a jumbo loan within three or four weeks—assuming that you let your lender order an appraisal.

“Being able to underwrite everything within our own four walls has been a massive benefit,” says Tom.

Working with a lender like Tom to buy in today’s market will make your offer appear stronger to other buyers, as you’ll be able to close in three or four weeks.

If you have any questions for Tom, you can reach him at 602-791-5861 or As always, if you have any real estate questions for me, just give me a call or send me an email. I would be happy to help you!