Is my project DIY or should I call a professional?

We all want to save money, so when it comes to projects in your home, you may be curious to know which you can do on your own and which you need a professional for.

The first thing to consider is you. For some people projects are fun and rewarding and for others they are stressful. Which one are you?

Next make a list of the projects you want done around the house and then evaluate that list. Is there anything on there that you have done before? Maybe it's painting or sanding a piece of furniture. These are great projects for you to do on your own.

How is your health? Some projects may require you to be on a ladder or lifting heavy things. Is that something you are comfortable with?

Always keep in mind, there are some jobs you need to leave to the professionals: electrical, plumbing, moving walls, etc. Your safety comes first!