Staged to Sell with Robin Leigh

Hello everyone! Thanks for returning to my real estate video blog.

Today, I am so excited to introduce to you Robin Leigh from Staged to Sell Design. Now, we are at a home in Arcadia. This home was on the market for three months and I had 60 showings, but no offers. It was kind of bizarre!

Robin came to me and said she thought I needed to stage the property. So, we pulled it off the market and she staged the entire home! We put it back on the market and we sold it in 5 days with three offers! So, folks, I am a believer!

Robin, tell us what is home staging?

Staging is taking a property and making an evaluation of its best features. Then we create a plan around those features to show the property at its very best.

When we go into a home, we first look at what we can take away. Often times, staging is about decluttering a home.

Staging is not decorating, although decorating is an aspect of the staging process. So, we minimize; we recommend people take pictures down; put their books away; get a fresh coat of paint. Then if the home needs more modern furnishing we will do that as well!

You can take a look at our website and see the before and after pictures!

Thanks for watching!