Where Will Phoenix Interest Rates Head in 2015?

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Hey everyone, today we are joined once again by Tom Ross of Nova Home Loans to talk about predictions, specifically predictions for where interest rates will be headed in 2015. 

There is a huge opportunity for buyers in our current market. Interest rates are at 2-year lows and there is a lot of smart money to be saved by purchasing a home in this market.

There is also a huge opportunity in our market for refinancing. There are a lot of people coming back into the market and readjusting their mortgages to get a better rate. In fact, if you got an FHA loan at any time in 2014, you need to refinance. It will save you thousands on your payments. 

Tom and Nova Home Loans are great at helping people refinance. They structure their refinancing a little differently, making the first payment cash positive right out of the gate.

If you have any questions or if you are curious about refinancing, give Tom a call. He can really help you out and make sure the decisions made about your home's future are in your best interest.