The True Story About the Post-Election Phoenix Market

We've started to see that many of the experts were wrong in their predictions about the Phoenix real estate market post-election. Here's the scoop on what our market is actually experiencing.

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Much like the election itself, most experts were wrong in their predictions about the real estate market post-election.

We predicted a slower market and less buyer demand due to rising interest rates, but the reality is that we're in a strong, exciting, and dynamic market here in Phoenix. Looking back, 2016 was a better year than 2015 and we're going to have an even better year this year.

A few particular numbers show why our market is so dynamic and strong.

The monthly number of sold homes in January was 7,000, which is a 4% year over year increase. New inventory went up 6% above last year's inventory levels, and total inventory is up to 22,000 homes.

Home values appreciated by 5.5% in 2016.

The number of months of supply in Phoenix is at three months, making it a strong seller's market. The average time it takes to sell a house is running at 77 days.

Experts agree that mortgage interest rates will fluctuate between 4% and 5%. Additionally, foreclosure activity in our county has declined for seven straight years since 2009, which is wonderful.

Finally, home prices have appreciated 5.5% in 2016.

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